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Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Wings in Buffalo Sauce

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These air fryer rooster wings are buffalo wing perfection: crispy skin, gentle white meat, all tossed in a spicy, scrumptious sauce. Nothing beats the air fryer for making wing-shop-style wings barring a deep fryer, and this recipe couldn’t be easier! This is my family’s favourite way to make poultry wings.

What Makes Air Fryer Chicken Wings So Good

Air fryer hen wings are unbelievably easy. Unlike our Instant Pot Chicken Wings, which calls for cooking the wings in the Instant Pot then transferring them to the broiler to crisp them up, the entirety in this technique takes areaproper in the air fryer. The wings come out unbelievably crispy with minimal effort. They’re additionally a more healthychoice to deep fried wings.


The easy buffalo sauce is buttery, rich, and full of flavor. When I say simple, I’m now not joking. Butter, warm sauce, and garlic powder. threesubstances and you’re done!

One of the without a doubtgreatmatters about air fryer fowl wings is the air fryer doesn’t warmness up the complete room. I don’t recognize about you, however in the summers (and even nicely into soccer season), it’s HOT right here in Memphis. If I can prepare dinnerscrumptiousmealsexceptjogging the oven and heating up half of the house, I’m all for it! This approach is additionallyquicker than baking them, which is an brought plus.

If you have a large air fryer (or even more than one air fryers), you can use this technique to make a ton of wings all at once. Perfect for a tailgate or sport day watch party. Just be cautiousno longer to overcrowd the basket – if you do, the wings won’t prepare dinner evenly!

Key Ingredients for Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings – If you’re the use ofcomplete wings, you’ll choose to separate them into tips, wingettes, and drumettes. You won’t want the pointers for this recipe, however you can retailer them to use for a home maderooster stock! For first-class results, your rooster wings must be thawed (not frozen) and you’ll favor to pat them absolutely dry with paper towels.

Hot Sauce – Any manufacturer and any taste of warm sauce will work here. If you desire a one of a kindtaste for your wings, experience free to bypass my buffalo sauce and use anything you like best! Lemon pepper sauce, honey BBQ, teriyaki sauce, some thing goes!

Chef’s Tips

Be positive to shake the air fryer basket periodically. This helps stop the wings from sticking, howeveradditionally tosses them a little so all aspects can cook dinner evenly. If you’re the usage of an air fryer with racks alternatively of a basket, you’ll prefer to rotate the racks periodically.


The range one rule for all air fryer recipes, which include air fryer poultry wings, is now not to overcrowd the basket. The wings shouldn’t overlap or contact at all. The air wishes to be in a position to flow intototally so the wings prepare dinner and crisp evenly. If you put too many in the basket at a time, odds are precise you’ll stop up with some undercooked spots.

If you want to prepare dinnermore than one batches, switch the cooked wings to a baking sheet and region them in the oven to continue to beheat and crispy whilst your subsequent batch cooks.


For the Chicken Wings

kiloshen wings drumettes, wingettes, or “party wings”. See Notes
½ teaspoon salt plus greater as needed
air-fryer-safe spray oil

For the Easy Buffalo Sauce

¼ cup butter
⅔ cup warm sauce
½ teaspoon garlic powder
To Serve (Optional)
celery sticks
carrot sticks
blue cheese dressing store-bought or make your own
ranch dressing store-bought or make your own



Preheat air fryer to 360° Fahrenheit. Pat wings dry, then wholly season all aspects of rooster wings with salt.
Remove basket from air fryer and spray with air-fryer-safe spray oil. Add wings to basket in batches, being cautiousno longer to overcrowd. Return basket to air fryer.

Cook wings for 20 minutes total. Every 6 to 7 minutes, get rid of basket from air fryer and shake vigorously to toss wings.

Note: if the usage of air fryer with racks, rotate racks each 6 to 7 minutes so wings prepare dinner evenly.
While wings cook, microwave butter in quick bursts, stirring between each, tilltotally melted. Stir in warm sauce and garlic powder tillcombination is definitely smooth. Set aside.

After 20 minutes wholecook dinner time, take away basket and shake again. Return basket to air fryer and flipwarmth up to 400° Fahrenheit.
Cook 5 minutes at 400°, or till wings are browned and crispy. When ready, switch wings to giant bowl. Repeat method with extra wings if needed.

Pour warm sauce combination over wings and toss to coat. Serve right away with blue cheese dressing, ranch dressing, celery, and carrots.

Chicken Wings: If the use ofcompletepoultry wings, separate the tips, wingettes, and drumettes earlier than seasoning with salt. Save suggestions for selfmaderoosterinventory or discard. Large wings will take longer to cook.
Make it Dairy Free: Use a dairy-free butter.

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