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Easy Mojito jug recipe . In 10 minutes

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What makes this Mojito jug recipe so good

It is the ideal warm-weather cocktail! They are amazingly crisp, clean, and light. Soft drinks make them a little fizzy and minimize the alcohol content material a bit.

This bundled recipe lets you omit the trouble of mixing one drink at a time. Depending on the measurement of your jug ​​and the quantity of ice and soda you use, you can combine 4-6 mojitos at a time.
This mojito jug recipe is so convenient to make alcohol-free! All you have to do is stop the rum and use greater soda (or ginger ale or glowing water).

You can combine this jug mojito recipe up to three days earlier than your party. Follow the recipe as directed, however, depart the ice and soda outdoor till you are geared up to serve it. Keep the jug in the fridge in the meantime.

The foremost factors of Mojito jugs

Easy Mojito jug recipe

Rum – White rum or silver rum is best for a mojito. They’ll maintain the syrup creatively clear and might not overpower the flavors observed in mint leaves and lemon juice. You can use a little taste of rum if you prefer to add a little extra fruit, or you can use vodka or gin if it fits your style better.

Mint leaves – If you do no longer have or can’t discover clean mint leaves, you can use mint extract or you can attempt sparkling basil, rosemary, or coriander. You will get an exclusive taste normal from one-of-a-kind herbs. If you are the usage of mint extract, begin with solely 1 / 4-1 / two teaspoon and taste, then alter as needed. Peppermint extract is a lot extra advantageous than muddled mint leaves, and to lots of that taste will damage your jar.

Lemonade – the fantastic juice from sparkling lemons, plus you have a lemon on hand for garnishing! Most lemons include about two tablespoons of juice, so you will want at least 6 clean lemons for this jug mojito recipe.

Chef’s Tips

Freeze lime wedges in advance, then drop them in the pitcher in the region of some of the ice cubes. They’ll preserve your combination bloodless except by watering it down as they melt! You ought to additionally do this with frozen strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries.
Careful no longer to overmuddle the mint. If you do, you’ll quit up with bitter mojitos, which you do no longer want. Use mild stress and rapid press-and-twist motions to wreck up the mint leaves simply adequate to extract some of the oils.


If you’d rather, you can run the mint leaves via the meal processor as an alternative to muddling them or chop them roughly with a sharp knife. Again, be cautious now not to overdo it. You prefer them simply barely chopped so they don’t take on a bitter flavor.
Want to flip your mojito-on-the-rocks into a frozen drink? You absolutely can! Add all of the elements from this mojito pitcher recipe (except the ice) to a blender and combine till smooth. Once it’s smooth, add the ice and combo once more till you’ve gotten the preferred slushy consistency.


¾ cup lime juice
½ cup mint leaves
¾ cup easy syrup see Notes
1 cup white rum see Notes
ice as desired
club soda or ginger ale or glowing water


Add lime juice and mint leaves to the pitcher. Muddle gently to launch oils and taste from leaves.

Pour in easy syrup and rum, then combine well.


Add ice, filling pitcher about ⅓ to ½ full. Use greater or much less ice as desired.
Fill pitcher nearly to pinnacle with membership soda and stir to combine.

Pour into glasses and serve as desired. Garnish with lime wedges and mint leaves (optional).


For a mocktail, surely go away out the rum and add greater membership soda.
Simple Syrup Alternatives: Make your personal (see below) or stir half-ounce honey into half of the ounce warm water, whisking till very smooth.
Make it Lower Carb/Lower Sugar: Make your personal easy syrup out of powdered erythritol or allulose.

Make Your Own Simple Syrup
Put equal components of sugar and water into a heatproof glass container.
Microwave on excessive simply till combination barely begins to boil, generally around 1 minute or so. It’s great if it boils for a few moments.
Remove from microwave and stir to dissolve sugar.
Let syrup cool earlier than including different ingredients.

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