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Roasted cauliflower in 30 min

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This easy roast cauliflower is cute and sweetly spiced! Using only 5 materials, you will have a delicious and healthy side dish. Add this grilled cauliflower to your next cooking lineup and provoke everyone with just how versatile this nutritious vegetable is!

What Makes Roasted Cauliflower So Good?

It takes 5 materials and 10 minutes to make it! I should also add that cooking this cauliflower on the grill results in a minimal amount of cleaning as well.
You’ll get flawlessly cooked cauliflower every time. I don’t understand the full science on the back of it, but what I do do is that after 10 minutes on the grill this cauliflower is being cooked to absolute perfection!
It is very versatile and completely customizable. This gently roasted cauliflower is definitely the best addition to any meal. I sprinkled a little lemon butter sauce over my cauliflower, and it was a complete pleasure!

The main ingredients for roasted cauliflower


Cauliflower – Choose the greatest cauliflower heads you can locate for this recipe! Since we will be shrinking them into “steaks,” the giant cauliflower will produce larger / larger steaks. I once managed to get 4 2-inch slices of cauliflower heads, although depending on the measurement of your cauliflower, you can get up to six “slices.”

Lemon juice – this roasted cauliflower gives amazing shine and delicious flavor. Feel free to use clean or bottled lemonade in this recipe. If you don’t have lemons, you can use an alternative.

Fresh Parsley – The sparkling parsley in this recipe pairs perfectly with acidic lemon juice. Although almost any clean herb will do the trick, simply make sure it’s sparkling – no dried herbs please! You can sprinkle cauliflower steak with coriander, basil, or even mint if you like.

Chef Tips

Cut the cauliflower into 2 or 3-inch slices for this recipe. I no longer favor cutting cauliflower much less than 2 inches thick, to keep it from falling sideways on the grill.
Watch the cauliflower because it cooks especially quickly. I peek at the roasted side of the cauliflower after about three minutes to make sure it got to the meat I wanted. If your cauliflower appears to be cracking too much, go in advance and flip it over 4-5 minutes before the pass.
This first-class roast cauliflower is served immediately after cooking! I no longer agree to refrigerate and then reheat after making it, because you will lose that crunch, but the smooth texture that checks its grilling.



2 large cauliflower heads
Half a cup of olive oil
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
A cup of clean chopped parsley, see notes


Remove the leaves from the cauliflower and cut each head into two or three 2-inch slices.

Mix olive oil, lemon juice, and salt together in a small bowl.

Heat the grill to a medium temperature and brush one side of each slice of cauliflower with the olive oil mixture, covering the area face down on the grill.


Grease the top with the olive oil mixture, then grill the crust and let it cook for dinner for 4-5 minutes.

Turn the cauliflower over and cook dinner for 4-5 minutes on a different side, then lift it away and serve with clean chopped parsley.


Parsley: Feel free to use some of the clean herbs you want in this recipe, it doesn’t have to be parsley!

The recipe yields about four servings. Proven nutritional values ​​repeat records for one serving. Macros may also differ fundamentally hardly depending on the specific manufacturers of the items used.

To determine the dimensions of one serving, assemble the recipe according to the instructions, then weigh the entire recipe when finished. Divide the whole weight (not with the weight of the container the servings contain) with the help of four results that will be the weight of one serving.

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